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Frontier Technologies
"We had the Kerr Global GPS system recently installed in our fleet. With a fleet of 90 vehicles, we need to have an accurate understanding of what is happening with our technicians out on the road. We have been very impressed with the results thus far, and the ongoing commitment Kerr Global has shown to working with us to meet our needs. The ability to manage our operations effectively is very important to us. With a fleet management solution in place, we are in better control of our vehicles. We are provided with easy to read, accurate reports that are allowing us to save on fuel costs, wear/tear on our vehicles, and to eliminate drivers speeding. Our insurance rates have reduced 5% as a direct result of the GPS installations. As well, our need for cellular communications with our drivers has drastically reduced, allowing us further savings in that area. Being able to “see? where our vehicles are at virtually any time has increased our productivity and really given us a comfortable feeling that we knew where our technicians were with our vehicles at all times.
We have already seen a return on our investment and it has definitely paid dividends!"
Tom Hughes
Operations Manager, Frontier Technologies
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Wilson's Fuels
Kerr Global provided us with a GPS wireless fleet management system that improved fleet management efficiency and strengthened overall fleet performance.
Even with a smaller sized truck fleet, the ability to poll any truck and determine the current location is very important and beneficial to us. We can clearly see the exact location of all of the vehicles on accurate digital maps, as well as quickly view customer stops with trip information such as arrival and stop time.
As soon as the system was installed production went up 20% once drivers knew that management can monitor truck activities. The configuration is designed to eliminate all driver intervention on any of the on board hardware monitors, which gives us the confidence and reliability of our data. Not only has it improved the accountability of each driver and their truck, but the ability to know where they are has greatly improved our customer satisfaction by allowing us to send the closest truck to them if they were to run-out of oil and provide them an approximate time of arrival.
Wilsons oil delivery drivers have up to 50 deliveries to complete per day during the fall and winter seasons, Kerr Global provided us with solutions that allow us to view completed deliveries as the drivers make them, giving dispatch lead information without having to contact drivers. This key benefit has been eliminating time consuming communications between dispatch and drivers when attempting to get status updates.
Kerr Global has given us access to tools that can help us customize our maps and monitoring systems. We really appreciate the friendly customer service attitude of their people and their dedication to resolving our problems and suggesting alternatives in a promptly fashion. Kerr Global has helped us streamline our operation and save money while doing it!
Majd Hussini
Home Heat Division, Wilsons Fuel Co. Limited
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